Workshop 1:

When: Wednesday 15th February, 2-5PM,

Where: Goldsmiths Student’s Union first floor lounge (former cafe)

With ongoing industrial action at universities across the UK, and 18 days of strike likely to affect many prescribed points of presentation and feedback across arts courses, APR will be holding a series of workshops to reimagine what form crits could take outside the institution. 

For the first workshop, APR invites students, staff and alumni to join us in reimagining the ‘crit’ through an anti-racist and collective lens. How can we envision these models differently by challenging the individualist and singular positioning that crits often assume? What could a non-hierarchical and caring crit look like? How can we make conversations about art more open and accessible to those who are marginalised by the conventional forms these often take within art education? 

Facilitated by APR members, we will use this workshop to collectively decide how to approach the upcoming ‘alternative crit’ sessions and what new possibilities for feedback and sharing about practice are opened up. We will construct proposals for how presenting, facilitating, observing and participating in crits can be more nurturing and inclusive. We encourage students to take an active role in discussing the place of ‘critique’ in developing their practices, and will work together to imagine ways of embedding anti-racist approaches within these key aspects of art and practice-based learning. 

All are welcome – whether you have been to an APR session before or not – across all undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Goldsmiths, Kingston, Manchester & Middlesex.


15/02/2023 – How can we re-imagine crits? @ Goldsmiths Student’s Union

01/03/2023 – Alternative Crit 1 @ Goldsmiths CCA Resident’s Space

15/03/2023 – Alternative Crit 2 @ Goldsmiths CCA Resident’s Space

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