APR film screening, workshop & dissertation project

Join us on Wednesday 6th April for a full day of APR activities to close off this term. Students will also be able to join online via zoom, if they are unable to make it in person.

In the morning we will be screening the new ‘A Particular Reality: Art, Learning, Antiracism’ film, made by Alice, Francesca and Amrit in collaboration with APR students, alumni and staff.

Students at Kingston will be meeting for a screening in the Main Lecture Theatre at 10AM, with Alice, Amrit and artist Abhaya Rajani.

Students at Goldsmiths will be meeting for a screening in the Goldsmiths CCA Residency Space at 12PM, with Francesca.

In the afternoon, Alice and Abhaya will travel with Kingston students to Goldsmiths CCA, to come together for a regrouping session and workshop starting at 2PM in the Residency space.

During this session we will be introducing to you all a proposal for a dissertation based research project and symposium, happening in the summer term. Following this Abhaya Rajani will be leading a Squiggle Drawing exercise inspired by D.W. Winnicot, to help us work towards thinking collaboratively and loosening the academic barriers around research and writing based work. The rest of the session will be spent exploring collaborative opportunities between students’ dissertation research, and working towards the development of research proposals.

Final year students will have the opportunity to discuss their dissertation projects, and find opportunities to work collaboratively with other students in producing a presentation of their research for a symposium, in conversation with artists within the APR network.

For second years, this is a great opportunity for you to hear about students’ dissertation projects, and workshop your own ideas as you start thinking towards writing dissertations next year.

During this conversation first year students will form a separate group with the intention of welcoming you into APR, holding conversation about APR so far this year, and discussing how we can support you for the rest of your studies.