Jo Addison

In her studio practice Jo makes objects in which a familiar world is disclosed through the reinterpretation of everyday objects and motifs. Her work draws on individual and shared cultural memories, evoking an intuitive recognition of familiar things, loosened from their bearings in everyday life.  In her collaborations with others through writing, curation and performance she seeks alternatives to inequitable approaches in art education. Jo is Head of the Department of Fine Art at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University London.

Janaki Mistry

Janaki Mistry is a 2020 Fine Art Graduate from Goldsmiths University. Her practice is an going exploration to how personal identities play out in wider culture and the sensitivities of talking about race, identity, and colonial histories. She uses the experience of living in white-dominated spaces and questioning western ideals by navigating and contesting what it means to be British.

Mona Campbell

Campbell attempts to use satirical word play within the context of spoken word poetry and film to question the idea of authenticity of culture and race as a way to add humour to uncomfortable situations, whilst also trying to destabilize her own identity by using her own emotions to exert points of spontaneity from these objects which serves as a form of catharsis.

Amrit Sanghera

Amrit Sanghera is 2021 Fine Art Graduate. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose work utilises her personal history, language and memory. Her practice centres around a continuous question and argument about the notions of diasporic experience, home, inheritance and its futurisms. She works with video, writing and up-cycling material to create imaginary dimensions that explore and transcend the associations between cultural, environmental and personal moments.


JJ Chan

Working across and amidst sculpture, moving image, and writing, JJ’s work draws from lived experience and stories stolen from eavesdropped conversations, to explore the edges of realities in constructing identity. Through storytelling and world-building, this work (re)searches for an alternative space beyond aggressively progressive capitalist time, seeking new worlds from the ashes of the present.

Tara White

Tara’s work sits amongst a collection of found, fabricated and family objects that narrate relationships to grief, migration and colonialism. The works often consider a sense of urgency and fear. Furniture and heirlooms are used as talismans of memory, that in many cases no longer exist or were left behind.

Paola Rafaella Kossakowska

Paola Rafaella Kossakowska is a 2019 Fine Art Graduate from Kingston University. Her practice explores location politics and power negotations through the use of space, archive, time and familiar objects/material to create an archived non-location. Paola works with sculpture, installation, movingimage, and photography. 

Michelle Williams Gamaker

Michelle Williams Gamaker is a moving image and performance artist based in London. Her work explores the fiction-making machine of 20th Century British and Hollywood studio films by restaging sequences to reveal cinematic construction, and recasting characters to propose alternative endings that counter their often doom-laden plight. Michelle is a Senior Lecturer in BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Sarah Howe

Sarah Howe is an artist making work in photography, writing, moving images and installation. Through collaboration with other people, her practice contributes to cross-disciplinary enquires on mental health, identity, and contemporary portraiture. The work aims to make visible the inevitably close relationships and states of interdependence that play out in our everyday. Sarah is a Lecturer in Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University

Alice Gale-Feeny

Alice Gale-Feeny is an artist who makes performance, via dance, video, writing and facilitation. She uses scripts, objects and sites as ‘containers’ for improvisational processes, considering how language, material forms and bodies (re)construct realities and build fictions. Alice is interested in the emergent possibilities of working with bodies in artworks. Particularly, the ‘accumulation’ of lived experience, and how this may ‘recalibrate’ over time in different contexts, alongside changing bodies and voices. She devises frameworks with the people she works with, often co-writing scripts, and using such texts to guide aesthetic decisions. Alice is a Lecturer in Ba Fine Art at Kingston University.

Francesca Telling

Francesca is an artist who works in educational roles with children and young people. Her practice extracts familiar objects and iconographies to be viewed through the lens of the artefact or heirloom, in order to investigate their relationships to gestures of grief, heritage and assimilation. Working across sculpture, analogue photography and writing, she uses languages of the souvenir, collection or archive to construct speculative anthropological studies of public, private and pedagogical spaces – alongside their wider political, ecological and mythological contexts. Francesca has worked with APR as a Junior Fellow at Goldsmiths University since graduating from the BA Fine Art programme in 2021.

Ali Eisa

Ali Eisa is an artist working as part of Lloyd Corporation, a collaborative project with Sebastian Lloyd Rees. Their practice utilises sculpture, installation, performance and text, often taking inspiration from informal and local economies. Processes typically involve close dialogue, site-specific research and collection of material culture from which their work takes shape. Ali is a lecturer in BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London; and the Learning and Participation Manager at Autograph Gallery, where he works with schools, young people and marginalised groups. Ali Eisa is currently the APR Programme Lead at Goldsmiths University.

Abhaya Rajani

Abhaya is a London-based multidisciplinary artist and MA Print graduate at the Royal College of Art. She is interested in the object politics of Accessibility and Inaccessibility, Functionality and Dysfunctionality. Her work investigates the parallels between human identities and non-human complexities with relation to everyday anti-caste protests. Abhaya is a 2021-22 recipient of the Stanley Picker Fellowship at Kingston University, currently she is working as APR Fellow and Lecturer at BA Fine Art, Kingston School of Art.


Laiba Raja

Laiba Raja is a visual artist and writer based in London. Her works explores the landscape of the ghazal (a form of Indo-Persian poetry) — mirroring the infinite expanse of the garden in its varied symbolism— the realms of love and grief, the early stirrings of a transformative mysticism, a meditative and quiet (but never lonely) solitude and spirits patiently waiting for union with their beloved. This year she is working with A Particular Reality as a Junior Fellow.

Samia La Virgne

Samia is a California native who has been living in the UK since 2014. Samia’s practice-based PhD research examined womanhood and the social stigma of blackness through the stereotypical representation of black women in the performing arts industry, on stage and screen, and the effects it has on black actresses, in the UK and US. Samia has a desire to break barriers and forge new paths in the performing arts industry. She is currently writing chapters for two different forthcoming academic publications exploring Stanislavsky and Gender, and Women in Contemporary British Theatre. Samia worked as a APR Project Research Associate.

Zubair Shafiq

Zubair is a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London (KCL). Before joining KCL, he was an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur in Pakistan, where he taught for over a decade. He holds a PhD in Film Studies from University of Southampton and an MA in Mass Communication from University of Punjab in Lahore. Zubair’s research has focused on popular cinema, genre hybridity, gender, and religion. He has also completed a funded project that looked into the stereotypical images of women in TV dramas. Zubair is currently working on a book project on South Asian cinemas. Zubair worked as a APR Project Research Associate.