APR visit to Cubitt Gallery and talk by Kadeem Oak

Join us on Wednesday 8th of February for A Particular Reality visit to Cubitt Gallery. We will meet at the gallery at 2:45pm to view the moving image work in the Cubitt 30 Screening Room : “Abundance in Togetherness” curated by the artist and filmmaker Kadeem Oak, who will be joining us for a tour and talk of his curatorial practice. 

When: 8th of February, from 2:45 – 5.00 pm | Where: Cubitt Gallery, 8 Angel Mews, London N1 9HH                                                                                                                

Please note: if you would like to see the films beforehand please come an hour earlier to engage with the entire show.

The work presented in the show features “A selection of artist’s moving image works exploring collective practices and cooperative methods of art making that centre the work of contemporary black British women artists and their artist testimonies; presented in the form of mediatheque and multi-screen installation, these works showcase methods and tools for self-organisation, resistance, reflection, healing and togetherness, backdropped by a landscape of social adversity, uprooting and isolation. “

In addition to our conversation with Kadeem, we will also be joined by Alison Jones who is one of Cubitt galleries 32 studio artists – she will be giving us a tour of her studio!

The gallery itself has a rich history of being one of London’s oldest artist-led cooperatives. Since the moving image work engages with themes along the lines of collectivity, self organisation and anti racist practice – in the spirit of how we do things in APR, this will be a great way to see this show together!

We hope to see many of you there! 

This invitation is open to all students, tutors and alumni who are a part of the APR network from Goldsmiths, Kingston, Middlesex and Manchester School of Art

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