Take Up Space

Take Up Space is a series inviting APR’s members to use our residency space at Goldsmiths CCA to make work, test out ideas, collaborate with others and hold conversations – particularly encouraging those who identify as BIPOC and from other marginalised or intersectional backgrounds to ‘take up space’ where they do not often get to do so.

Archived below are all of the groups and individuals who have ‘taken up space’ with APR.

Kavitha Balasingham, Farrah Akbarali and Krystle Patel

Code Switching

“Code Switching / Glitching / Language / Space / Obedience / Unleashing / Revealing / Absorbing / Nuances / Protection

These are just some words we feel relate to us all. The idea of having to constantly switch codes and protect ourselves from contemporary art and beyond. Deflecting conversations, hiding, switching codes, unfollowable dialogue, speaking in tongues – but what for? Who for?

We want to use our time in the space to reveal the more raw and vulnerable sides of our work, in a safe space to discuss without the pressure of being othered and having to switch codes. Codes that we all get without having to say anything.”

Siin Lee

Seeking Different Forms of Languages

“Workshop for ‘Seeking different forms of languages’. As part of this seeking journey, I use this time and the space for relaxing exploration to compose dialogues with body movements and random/non-random verbal sentences. 

The journey with Amber, Iris, Mariia.”