the plurality of care

A Particular Reality is delighted to invite you to a morning of dialogue and making involving Kingston School of Art, staff, and students from all levels of BA Fine Art, APR members from Goldsmiths University of London, Manchester Metropolitan and Middlesex University. 

When: Wednesday, 29th March 2023, 10am-1pm

Where: KPTK402, 4th floor, Tower Block at Knights Park, Kingston School of Art

Through conversation and making, we hope to unpack the notion of care, and collectively establish the pluralities within what caring may look/feel like to each of us as students and staff within an art school context. 

For the first session, the intentions are to form a dialogue around archiving as care through making of Godhadi (quilt). During this journey of gathering, forming, and stitching, we will be accumulating previous APR posters, comforting textiles, used work/ personal objects, abandoned softness and any materials which may encompass the ‘old you’.

In the later session we will specifically consider the critique in relation to care and consider ways in which this well-established event within art school can become a space in which care is embedded. 

How can we care in multiple ways?

How can we navigate ourselves, our practices and our making within an art school while feeling safe? 

How do these topics connect to ways of practising anti-racism in the art school?

How can the process of archiving be considered to be a caring act?

The sessions will be facilitated by Abhaya Rajani and Alice Gale-Feeny. We will discuss questions around care, act of archiving and collectivity while manifesting Godhadi, which will be part of ‘Archive as Care’ space at Kingston School of Art.

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