APR Symposium – Out of View

JOIN US to the Symposium event – ‘Out of View’ on 16th November, 2.00 – 4.30pm. Main Lecture Theatre (MLT), Knights Park Campus, Kingston School of Art. 

Ali Eisa, Francesca Telling and Liaba Raja will be travelling with Goldsmiths students to Kingston to join the event on site. The event will be accessible live online for students from MMU, Goldsmiths, and Middlesex.

In this event, APR artists Warsha Ahmed, Lucy Carter and Judith Gao (current students and alumni from BA Fine Art) will be considering: What is peripheral? How do we experience the periphery? What is ‘out of view’ in the broader context of the art world or art school? They invite you to join a series of presentations, readings and conversations.  

“My concern on beauty standards was out of the view of my artistic practice, but it was a bodily concern in my everyday life that I wasn’t ready to open up and discuss. I had no idea it would become an inspiration for my artwork”. – Judith Gao

“In my practice I have started to talk about structure/architecture that links to social housing. Using different objects that have meanings in the household that people live in which can be overlooked by most people. The intention of talking about this is for creating an open discussion on what urban planning is for individuals.”  – Lucy Carter

“This assumption of representation holds a heavy burden over students and teachers alike and having to become accustomed to it from such a young age is so damaging to POC individuals that are already so disadvantaged with discrimination in most aspects of our lives.” – Warsha Ahmed

Warm tea will be shared with love and care, we will be thrilled to have you all there!

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