APR x EAWAC meeting at Goldsmiths CCA

This Sunday 20th march we will be having another APR x EAWAC meeting, at Goldsmiths CCA in the residency space, from 2-5PM.

This session is open to artists and students who identify as part of the East and South East Asian diaspora. All are welcome to join, whether you have been to our previous meetings or not.

Following on from sessions led by Mi Zhang and River Cao sharing their practices, for this meeting we invite participants to bring a piece of work, image, object or video to share with the group, in a show and tell style. There is no pressure to share something if you do not want to, and this will be an open space for listening, rather than critique. The aim is to open up a broader conversation about art practice and collaborative opportunities for APR and EAWAC in the future.

“East Asian Women Artist Community (EAWAC) is organised by women of colour from the East Asian diaspora, coming together under the commonality of not wanting to exist in the given paradigm. Pursuing art careers in London, we have acknowledged significant under-representation of East Asian women artists – especially when contrasted with the escalating consumption and familiarisation of our culture. Through this community, we aim to actively navigate a common ground and dismantle the framework withholding us by resource sharing, cross-cultural learning, and regular discussions.”

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